Packaging Equipment and Support

Product company owners roll up their sleeves, get dirty and do what it takes to get, make and ship orders. In time, demand goes up, which is great, but keeping up with demand is one of the biggest challenges owners must overcome in order to stay in business and grow.

ProCorr and TriState

Case erectorProCorr and our parent company, TriState Container have been manufacturing packaging for decades and are relentlessly devoted to producing the highest quality possible. Whether it’s shipping containers, primary graphic packaging or retail display packaging, our staff has the knowledge and expertise you need for end-of-line packaging equipment, manufacturing advice, planning and ongoing support.  

Why partner with us?

Combi XL Series case erector RetouchedPartnering with a broker or sales company that doesn't produce packaging can be risky. When you partner with us, you’re partnering direct with a high-quality packaging manufacturer who takes responsibility for the products we make. We consistently produce high quality packaging products due to our decades in the industry, our tight tolerances and our highly skilled and experienced operators. You expect your trays and shippers to run smoothly through your equipment, but when lower quality materials are used or your packaging was poorly produced, you can experience equipment jams, risking your on-time orders, lost productivity and worst of all - happy customers. Our clients take comfort knowing we pay precision-like attention to the entire manufacturing process in order to deliver the highest quality graphics and packaging possible. Our recommendations will maximize throughput while keeping costs contained.  In addition, we can monitor for optimal production, suggest a corrective action plan when needed and provide confidential reporting if necessary.

Packaging Machinery Trayfecta Retail Ready Former Carton Case Tray 8Our suggestions include:

  • Tray Formers
  • Case Erectors
  • Sealing Equipment - Taping and Gluing
  • Corrugated Supplies and Packaging

Needs Assessment and Support Programs

Our qualified personnel will come to you and conduct a thorough and accurate needs assessment of your packaging line, space and overall environment.  We then come back to you with recommendations for packaging equipment and planning.

Our support programs are comprehensive and flexible in order to meet your initial as well as your ongoing needs. Our programs include some or all of the following:

  • Installation
  • Pre-planning and delivery
  • 24 hour repair availability
  • Our Local Maintenance Personnel
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs – Parts & Labor 
  • Initial Training at Your Location
  • Comprehensive Safety Review
  • Compliance review
  • Buy-back program
  • Financial Planning