Digital Printing Saves

Paper: Digital print technology is done direct or direct-to-corrugated board so there is no need to print to a separate sheet such as with litho lamination. 

Waste:  When printing direct-to-board, there is no need for litho-printed sheets, which saves on material costs.

Time:  When printing direct-to-board, there is no down time waiting for printing plates to arrive, which saves time.

Money:  When printing direct-to-board, there is no need for printing plates, which saves money.

Short-Run Digital Printing

ProCorr has long understood your need for customization because the products you sell are unique. Although your products may be similar to another in the marketplace, no two are exactly the same, which is why customization is so mission critical.  

In today's hyper-competitive world, the more you can personalize an experience, the greater loyalties you can build.  Yet in some instances, especially when your quantities are small, customization could be cost prohibited.

Now, with the addition of our short-run digital printing solutions, you can change graphics as much as you want and still stay within your budget.  On-demand digital printing does not require printing plates so there's $0 tooling and setup costs.  In addition, our digital printers can print on almost any material up to 2.5" thick - from rigid SBS/folding carton stocks to corrugated board to multiple plastics and flexible textiles. Smaller quantities enable you to gain greater inventory control, produce less waste, free up warehouse space and improve cash flow.  

ProCorr's small run, print-on-demand display and packaging solutions are a perfect choice for. . . 

  • Testing a new product
  • Entering a small market
  • Managing more personalized campaigns
  • Permanent display solutions using different materials
  • POP display prototypes for a last-minute selling opportunity
  • Artwork versioning - for multi-lingual markets, testing and more
  • Making a statement at your next trade show

Contact us today to learn how we can help you sell more product with our short-run digital printing solution! 

  • Corporate signage
  • Making a statement at your next trade show
  • Packaging prototypes used for market research
  • In-door and out-door signage
  • Personalization at your next distributor sales meeting 
  • A unique promotional splash at the next investor or corporate event
  • And many, many more!