DSCN1344 1024x768ProCorr Display & Packaging is a privately-held company that can trace its roots back more than 50 years to its parent company, TriState Container Corporation, a leading manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers.  

From our inception, both TriState and ProCorr were built on the belief that customer needs and requirements must be met.  So, in order to deliver on customer needs and requirements, ProCorr manufactures ALL displays and graphic packaging in our AIB-recognized 'clean' and safe environments where dust is kept at a minimum, product production flow is optimized for speed-to-market and design creativity is at its best. 

What does all this mean for you?  It means your in-store, POP displays and retail-ready graphic packaging will be of the highest quality and your delivery dates will be met.  In addition, you’ll receive expert advice and ideas on cost-savings opportunities within your supply chain along with high quality point of purchase displays and graphic packaging. 

At ProCorr, we follow a simple philosophy that we call ‘the three ‘L’ principal: 


We LOOK at existing merchandising solutions to see if your products are fully visible, easily accessible and space is thoroughly optimized. 

We ask questions and LISTEN to your requirements and requests. Given our decades of combined industry experience, we work smart, but we also work fast.  We’ll provide you with concept options and we’ll turn around revisions just as fast. 

And finally, we LEARN so we can improve upon your experiences with us.  

At ProCorr, we’ve applied the three L principle both inside and out.  We LOOK for process improvements, new and additional capabilities and we have a strong history of acquiring equipment to meet the growing demands for high quality, cost-effective merchandising solutions.

We proactively LISTEN to industry trends, economic changes and consumer purchasing patterns and behaviors.

And last, but never least, we LEARN so that we can ultimately provide high quality merchandising solutions that sell your products as well as offering knowledge based advice and ideas for cost-savings opportunities that our customers love.