Customer Success Stories

Purchasing Specialist - Seasonal Product Manufacturer

iStock 620003040 garden"Everything we produce is customized to meet the display requirements of a variety of retail outlets, so we needed a vendor that could do custom work. We also needed a vendor that could be flexible and handle changing dates and quantities. We chose ProCorr because they met all of our requirements, plus they had a solid design team. They recently helped us develop a custom stackable case as well as product trays for a seasonal promotion in a specialty retail chain. The retailer was impressed with the design, ease of assembly as well as the construction."

Director of Operations - Food Manufacturer

iStock 618970314 food"As a food product manufacturer, we differentiate ourselves by introducing a constant stream of innovative products targeted to early adopters. We work with supermarkets and other large retail outlets and needed a freestanding display solution. ProCorr was able to provide us with the architectural and structural know how to bring our designs to market."

Procurement Specialist - Consumer Goods Manufacturer

iStock 464469702 vitamins"Our supplement products are sold in Walmart, large grocery chains as well as sports nutrition stores. As a small company, we look for vendors that provide additional value. Our relationship with ProCorr has benefited our company. They not only work with us to design and create displays. They also helped with branding and messaging. And, they developed a packaging system based on a prototype we built. ProCorr is reliable and responsive. They have been a great partner and vendor to work with."

Supply Manager - Recreational Product Manufacturer

iStock 682912696 pool"As a private label manufacturer, we have production facilities throughout the country. We needed a vendor who could provide lithographic printing for our packaging based on the needs of the retailer.  In my role as a supply manager, I spend a lot of time making sure we have the material we need, expediting inventory and maintaining minimum levels. ProCorr has been a reliable supplier for many years. They provide quick turnaround time, look for discrepancies in orders, provide proofs, and they hold inventory of labels. They will even send an alert when quantities are low.  I have been very happy with ProCorr. They deliver asap and provide great turnaround at a great price." 

Vice President of Sales -  Food Manufacturer

iStock 639376412 cereal"As a new company, we were expanding our product line and our distribution channels.  When we started working with ProCorr, we had our graphics and packaging in place. However, we were missing a strong point-of-purchase display.  We had a food product that was a grab and go purchase and to get attention in a crowded grocery setting we knew we had to develop an off-shelf promotional strategy.  We turned to ProCorr for their help, and they developed several floor display options for us to trial.  We reviewed our options and once selected, ProCorr turned the project around quickly.  We are impressed by their responsiveness and attention to detail, and we love working with our ProCorr Sales Rep."